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Foundational Courses in Music Composition

The foundation for composing is the same, regardless of your own style or genre. We will help you build your foundation with free and premium courses.

What students are saying

  • "I truly enjoyed this class and recommend it to anyone who is interested in composing. I found that Jon’s method for teaching composition is an excellent way for beginners to get started with writing music without being completely overwhelmed by music theory. Those who are farther along the path will find this class as a great resource. All the information that you might need put together in a nice package so you can go back over the years and look up some of these solid tools for composing."

    Monty Kerson
  • "Buying all the sounds or sample libraries available on the market, without the necessary skills to use them is waste of time and money - which I did. If you are tired of writing viola ostinatos with growling brass on it, or crossing your fingers each time you start a project, this course is for you."

    Hur Ozan Cerrahoglu
  • "Dear Jon, Thank you very much for this great course! I enjoyed everything in it! I'm a Pianist in a Jazz Quintet. Since long ago, I've tried also to write Music. I've read some theory books, but I was not satisfied. With your course, I now have the pieces together that I can see more a whole picture, what composing is all about. Thank you again !P.S. I'm looking forward to the course on Sonata Composition. I already tried to write one with the Help of your great book "How to write Music in Sonata form". My first Sonata will appear in a few months on my Soundcloud account. Nevertheless I'm already waiting for the next Course.

    Reinhard Willutzki